High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber

Product Name: High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber
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It is according to IEC60068-2-1(GB/T2423.1) and IEC60068-2-2(GB/T2423.2). It is used to test the CFL/LED which meets IES LM-80-08, electricity products, electronic components, material and so on.


  • The chamber is produced by SUS304 Steel, the temperature keeping material is produced by Polyurethane hard foam and ultra-fine fibre glass, the doorframe heat insulated by Double high temperature aging silicone rubber door sealing strip.
  • The temperature controller is used by Korean TEMI display in English/Chinese and German Siemens PLC, it can be communicated to PC via RS-232. The temperature accuracy is 0.1℃ and humidity is 0.1%R.H
  • The temperature sensor is platinum PT100 Ohms/MV resistor
  • The heating system is full separately system which produced by Nickel chromium alloy electric heating type heater
  • The cold system is applied by fully enclosed fan cooled single-stage and cascade refrigeration mode, the compressor is from France TECUMSEH brand which can allow you get after sales support from many countries
  • The cyclical system is applied by High temperature low noise air conditioning type motor and Multi blade centrifugal wind wheel
  • he safety self-protection function include Electric leakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheating, compressor pressure, overload, over-current protection
  • Working Power: AC380V±10% 3phases and frequency 50Hz/60Hz
  • Working Environmental: Temperature is 5℃~+30℃ Humidity ≤85%R.H
High & Low Temperature and Humidity Chamber with Programmable Function (GDJS Series)
Model (cm)GDJS-225*GDJS-500*GDJS-010*GDJS-013*GDJS-015*
Workroom Dimensions50x60x7570x80x90100x100x100100x100x130100x100x150
Exterior Dimensions105*102*200132*132*217167*152*231217*152*231245*160*231
Work Power7.0kW13.5kW15.0kW16.5kW16.5kW
Temperature RangeA: -20℃-150℃      B: -40℃-150℃     C: -60℃-150℃
Humidity Range30%~98% R.H


Humidity Deviation-2%~-3% R.H
Temperature Rise Speed1.0℃~3.0℃/min
Temperature Down Speed0.7℃~1.0℃/min
High and Low Temperature Chamber with Programmable Function (GDJW Series)
Working Room SizeGDJW-225*GDJW-500*GDJW-010*GDJW-013*GDJW-015*
Workroom Dimensions (cm)50x60x7570x80x90100x100x100100x100x130100x100x150
Temperature RangeA: -20℃-150℃      B: -40℃-150℃     C: -60℃-150℃
Temperature Rise Speed1.0℃~3.0℃/min
Temperature Down Speed0.7℃~1.0℃/min

The * in GDJS-225* means the temperature range A: -20℃-150℃, B: -40℃-150℃, C: -60℃-150℃


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